• When I denied the Word Religion?

    When I denied Word Religions?

    When I denied Word Religions? My Experience: (Word Religion) I could never have imagined that now Whenever I ‘on’ the computer, it would occur to me that I should not read or watch any religious part. When we look at life from the point of view of Religion, the face of life that we see is Shyness – like a Woman; Today, When I look at life, I want to ignore the word Religion, because now ‘Mathematics and Science’ comes in front of me, science seems like a perfect man to me and science is the real MAN. – Who knows that He will never win life’s chess without the…

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    How did I Start Learning from Life?

    How did I Start Learning from Life? My Connection with Learning: (Learning from Life) How did I start Learning from Life? I could not bear my pain when I continued to fail in every direction and in every field. Maybe my pain was also getting bored, maybe my pain was also getting tired. Out of the boredom of pain, the art of learning was born in me. What is the Definition of the Right Lesson? A true lesson is one that applies itself to every part of life. Correct learning means that the person has understood that this is the Learning, Which has come from this lesson, now I have…

  • What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life? My Experience:It flows from the Moment of the Stream of Life When the stream of Experiences started flowing in me. The Joy of the scenes of such a moment becomes as vast as the ages . When I realized this, a Time of deep adventure began to flow in me, Which my existence calls Spiritual Life. How did the Spiritual Life Begin? My Experience:Now I started remembering that Story, When I saw myself Pathless in the dense forests of Thoughts . Then a thought of that moment had secretly told me the story of my One Birth.Even Today that moment of some Era is alive…

  • What is the Definition of SatGuru?

    What is the Definition of SatGuru?

    What is the meaning of SatGuru and SadGuru? Call it SatGuru or SadGuru it conveys the same purpose: it means ‘the person who has been enlightened in the light of truth’. Sad means ‘the person who is eternally illuminated in the light of life. What is the Definition of SatGuru? My Experience:Sat + Guru + Oo = SatGuruTruth + Mystery + Oo’s Tune, SoundReligion gives a person Happiness, Peace and FreedomScience gives man the calculation of the Law of the UniverseThis Universe is the product of a Wave; If there is movement in the wave then there is Sound in movement, everything descends into creation through Tune; An infinite number…

  • How is life after Nirvana?
    Mathematics, Science, and Spirituality

    How is life after Nirvana?

    How to travel towards Nirvana? Even today sometimes it seems that my head will explode right now, like a bubble bursting and whenever I look at space, it seems that after exploding the head will just merge into space, then this ‘explosion’ What will happen if the incident happens?( Nirvana) Today this question of mine became a deep method and told me that this worldly life of mine is a journey to know death and the last stop of this journey is Nirvana. How do I proceed Towards the Journey to Nirvana? Today, when I looked closely at the germ element of the body, I began to feel that each…

  • what is meditation

    What is Meditation?

    What is Meditation? Meditation is the name of our Concentration. Concentration is the first step of Meditation and the attainment of it is Consciousness. What is the definition of Meditation? It is an exercise to fit one’s physical and mental state in correctness and Rhythm, Yoga. Through Which we achieve a Healthy Life. How to Meditate? No matter How you sit or lie, the position of the body should always be in 90 degrees. If there is difficulty in sitting and lying in 90 degrees, then we can change the position. But we should have numbers 3, 6, and 9 in each position. Like we can use 60 degree, we…

  • what is the lost gardens?

    What is The Lost Gardens?

    The Lost Gardens is a Meditation Center – How? The Lost Gardens is such a modern Meditation center, Which has the ability to make every person attain self-realization naturally. And the preparation for this meditation center is going on very well. Whose first branch is going to be built in California, USA. The Lost Gardens is a Religion in itself – How? It is such a Religion which will explain for the first time that if there are 16 Arts then how one can attain them, and if there are 36 Qualities then how one can easily attain these qualities. The answer to every religious question of a person will…