Does Life Begin with a Smile?
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Does Life Begin with a Smile?

This question of mine was also very good for me and its style was very amazing. If the journey of the world starts with crying, then the journey of which dimension starts with laughing? This question was born out of my incident when I saw for the first time the dead body which had killed itself. Why and How does someone kill themselves? Does the pain become so deep that the person prefers death to life? If someone kills own-self then someone must be able to give birth to own-self too – Out of this question was born my question Whether there is such a life Which starts with laughing?
When my steps entered the Silent dimension, first of all the experience itself made me Smile and then with my increasing steps my Smile started taking the form of laughter. When I came to know that this state is called meditation, my laughter also took the form of voice. I laughed so much that my laughter kept on increasing day by day.

Why did I Get this Laugh?

Smile : Entering silence means that my Mind has become meditative. And I started on the path of retirement. One thing that was understood the most after entering the silence was that the person is very foolish. My Waking up a little changed me in such a way that I started meeting my ignorance. ‘Identity of ignorance’
This recognition as it went deeper and showed me How man has brought own-self up in ignorance. Seeing myself in my ignorance, I became ashamed of myself and laughed at my ignorance. Now I started to see How is this changing mind of mine?

How is the Sannyasin Mind?

I didn’t know that there is a Dimension in life that starts with laughter. Neither read nor heard. Seeing the lives of the Sages, such a thought never came to my Mind, I just had this feeling that I should have a Shelter like them.
Whether we have read a lot, heard or even seen, but the experience makes our read, heard and seen wrong.
Because whatever we read, hear or see, we will read, hear and see all that according to our own thinking and understanding. The recognition of reality comes When we go through an event. Sannyas is such a Dimension, Which has taken a person away from Reality. When the Mind is renounced, Sannyas begins. Yellow clothes are not on the body, but on the Mind is the Spirit of Renunciation.

What is Sanyasi?

A sanyasi is a follower of the path of Truth. A sanyasi is one who has grown weary of all Forms, Colors and Shapes of the visible World and has become a seeker in an attempt to understand the deeper state of life.

What is the Definition of Monk?

Deep State of Ignorance + Sadness of Bored Mind + Broken Understanding + Deep Eye of Emptiness + Seeking Newness = Sannyaas
There is enthusiasm for New hope in Exploration of life.

Does a Person’s Condition also have a Color?

“Sadness” Sadness of the Mind, meaning that the Mind has become agitated for the Worldly Dimension.
Sometimes you must have seen that the skin of a depressed person starts showing Yellow Color, as if there is a lack of blood. Sadness and worry also drink blood. Yellow is the Color of Sadness. The Color of despair is Black. Blackness begins to appear in the Skin of a depressed person, Which leads to Death, Yellowness leads to change.

What was the first State of my Sannyasi Mind?
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Shaheer Sheyogi: When I got to know Shaheer Sehyogi, I fell in Love with THIS Woman. To See Oneself Walking Behind the Times; Then Grooming Oneself While Walking with the Times; Then Stopping Oneself While Moving ahead of Time. I Saw these Three Arts in THIS Woman. Accepting not only Life but also Death as a part of Oneself and then Living easily, I saw in THIS Woman. If I have seen a happy person in my circle, Then I have seen HER. Even if it is MY Existence, yet it is far Beyond ME and Wonderful. I am Thankful to THIS brave Companion that She is my Existence, With Whom I have got a Chance to Live every moment.

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