beginning and the end of the person
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What is the beginning and the end of a person?

What is the Beginning and the End of a Person?

The journey of a person begins with Birth and Ends with Death. It is the beginning of the Journey, not of the individual. Even if I say so, this Journey is of form and shape, not of the individual’s existence.If a person wants to know the beginning and end of himself or life or the universe, then one has to stand in the present.

What was a Person Before Birth?

The birth can only be of that which will happen. If it was not there then how would there be a birth

Does a person Live after Death?
This Question really reflects the real Spirituality. If the person was there before Birth, One will be there after Death also.

How Can a Person see the Beginning and the End?

This is a slice of life story that only gives glimpses of a deep mystery and nothing else.
My Experience: If I talk about my own experience, then I have to stand in the present to see the beginning and the end. So what is current?
Now: a moment
Pause in a moment
When I made myself stand in the moment, I saw the understanding of life, which I had never seen till date. If a person wants to know the beginning and end of himself or life or the universe, then one has to stand in the present. . Within a moment there is a beginning and an end. Now I have to see and understand that if there is an Era in a moment then How is it?

If There is an Era in the Moment then How is it?

Today my life is engaged in traveling the ‘Moment’ and works to see every thought and every feeling flowing through the moment. When my wonderful life started reciting the sound of wonderful dimension, I didn’t realize it. I came to know at that time, when I looked behind the sound coming from the moment of silence, there my existence was humming on the melody of ‘Wow’ and my heart was playing the instrument of ‘Aha’ on the melody of ‘Wow’ . There is a very deep rhythmic rhythm in every note of mine. When I caught hold of that rhythm and tune, my consciousness reached such a dimension in catching it, where there was only tune. I was in that tune only. When I saw the journey of the era in the journey of the moment, my existence seemed to have died.
Seeing the beginning and the end in an instant, my breath stopped.
Pause =Now + Silent + Era
Now the question has arisen whether there is a moment in an era or an Era in a Moment.

Is There an Era in a Moment or is There a Moment in an Era – How?

There is Era in the moment and we can never see the Era, from Which everything is made – it will always remain the door to see it. The century will always be seen from the Moment. If we want to see the moment from the century, then we have to become the century.

Can a Person Become a Century?

To become a century, a person has to Stop in the Pause, only then can a person become a Century.


Shaheer Sheyogi: When I got to know Shaheer Sehyogi, I fell in Love with THIS Woman. To See Oneself Walking Behind the Times; Then Grooming Oneself While Walking with the Times; Then Stopping Oneself While Moving ahead of Time. I Saw these Three Arts in THIS Woman. Accepting not only Life but also Death as a part of Oneself and then Living easily, I saw in THIS Woman. If I have seen a happy person in my circle, Then I have seen HER. Even if it is MY Existence, yet it is far Beyond ME and Wonderful. I am Thankful to THIS brave Companion that She is my Existence, With Whom I have got a Chance to Live every moment.

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