International Course 2023-2024

International Meditation Retreat:
There are 2 types of groups in this
Total 54 sections in one and 60 sections in the other
Admission Fee $999 per section
Which is the admission fee of each seminar.
At the beginning of the seminar, every student will be charged the fees for the first month and the last month.
When someone has taken part in the seminar but does not want to be a participant later, the money will be returned to him after deducting the expenses. If a new student comes in his place, then the fees of the first student will be fully refunded.

Guru Dakshina 3330 USD TO………………………


  • What is the difference between The Lost Gardens and other centers?
    It has come forward in its existence only after knowing the depth of Vedic technology from its own experience.
  • What is The Lost Gardens?
    The Lost Gardens is a Spiritual Natural Healing Center located in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • How?
    When both living and life become one in each other, then the dimension which is traveled there, has been named as spiritual journey; Here there is only life, there is no living unit, this is the result of that experience – The Lost Gardens
  • How can we accept this as truth?
    It is necessary to raise questions, but it is also not right that the answer will also be correct. It is very important for every person to know what is the nature of life. Then the answer is in the question itself, it becomes easy for the person to live. Look at the life of the one who always says, know and recognize! Never be in a hurry Take your time! If you move forward with confidence, success will always welcome you. Always trust yourself! Self-confidence never again needs the support of others, only the knowledge of the path, on which the person walks and reaches the destination. The Lost Gardens is a kind of GPS system, which will show you the way. If you do not understand the GPS system, then you will get this lesson from The Lost Gardens. Your confidence will become the driver and will take you to the destination. This is your truth and the right truth. The more you trust yourself, the more you will be able to identify what is right.
  • When can we join the programs of The Lost Gardens?
    We are having a universal seminar on March 9, in which the whole world has been invited. Which will be of 5 days. Whoever wants to participate in this seminar, it is necessary for that person to come by 8th March.
  • What if someone needs a Visa?
    When any person wants to come to this seminar of The Lost Gardens, he will have to come under paperwork. You will find the forms on such pages and you have to fill the forms first and get to The Lost Gardens, and The Lost Gardens will give you the confirmation letter, Which will help you with the Visa.
    (If Visa is not granted, 20% of your amount will be deducted and the rest will be sent back)
  • This is just meditation camp so please keep in mind while filling form our NGO will not be responsible for any visa related problems we will only send invitation letter
  • What is the Contact of The Lost Gardens?
    Phone No. 1 323 203 9783

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