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The Lost Gardens

The Lost Gardens (Come Find Yourself) aims to create a modern instant self-realization park. Our main purpose is that, milk has to be awakened to set curd. So our park will give a glimpse of soul-realization to the person. Due to which the person’s desire to be happy and prosperous will become stronger and deeper.
The Lost Gardens : This Park is gonna be built in 100 acres. Which will be in California, USA. Which will have meditation center, healing center and day care area and which will have 3 prayer rooms. There will be a small shopping mall and food booths from many different countries.

The Lost Gardens. Org: This website of ours will provide modern thinking to the world, which will present itself to you through today’s technology through Spirituality, Science, and Math. In which every post will give a new definition to the subject of every part of life, which will be according to the demand of today’s time and will also be audio.

The Lost Gardens. Org: You will also find discussion on different topics of Meditation, Religion, Yoga, Universe, World, Relationship, Nature, Society etc. This discussion will be available in both video and audio.

The Lost Gardens. Org: This website of ours will also answer every question of the person, and provide every facility, which will have a quick impact on the person.

I’m Davinder Kaur. I did my studies in B. C. in Canada and living in United state America from last 33 years. I spent almost time to in the family and social sector. The personal problems of my home and personal prosperity have always inspired me towards the social sector. I given the equal time to my home and social sector.. From whom I learned a lot and improved my life.

I am Sharandeep. I have done graduation. My own condition was such that I had to face a lot of problem as a girl and then I found myself simple and easy in the dress of a boy then I made myself successful towards the development of life. Every issue, I had as a girl. How I was handled in the society as well as family and How I could prove myself today – This is my biography.

If you are also looking for some similar questions, then always remember ‘The Lost Gardens’, Which will introduce you to you and answer your questions from an international author Who has a personal experience of last 37 years. The experience identified with the word ‘mother’.