can we see the soul

Can We see the Soul?

What is Soul ?

My Experience: Full Aliveness of the Body + Every Part of Existence Conscious in It’s Own Virtue + Authenticity of the Totality of Freedom = Soul

Where is the Soul?

Till date, We all have heard that God is all-pervading in everything, similarly that One divine element Which is all-pervading in the individual Form of every living being is called Soul.

What is the Nature of Soul?

It is a divine element. The flow of the divine element is always the same, there is never ignorance or disorder. As thinking is a quality of the intellect, as expansion is a quality of the body. So is the divine substance a quality of the Soul. flowing in the same taste,
The will-power which is called, will-power is always of the Spiritual plane. In which there is courage, bravery, and such strength that a person finds a positive way out of negative.

Can We See the Soul?

It is a divine element, which we experience.
Now the question is What is Experience, What do We call Experience?
That stage of the mind which has remained Silent; That dimension of intelligence . Which is in a Calm condition .That state of the Body which is in Spontaneity – In this state, When we are just merged in Aliveness, then the statement of our state is our Experience.
such as –
Silent Mind + Calm Intellect + Easiness Body + Aliveness of Senses = Experience
Now the Existence of Our Being in this State of Experience is the Soul.

What is the Form and Color of the Soul?

It is a substance like Light, Which moves like Steam. Here I come to experience one more thing that until we do not see anything. That thing does not have any power for us. Our experience creates the power of that thing .The experience becomes knowledge and takes us ahead on the path of life.

Does the Soul Never Die?

It also dies, Just like a person Dies. The Death of the individual is unconsciousness and the Death of It is ignorance.

Why is the Soul called Immortal?

Soul is a divine element. The one Who is present even in absence. A person does not see and Understand this, because being present in absence is the most mysterious stage of life. It has been told that learn to die before Death(for understand this stage). At that time we can know that there is no Death, only change. Because every thing is free in itself for its power and knowledge. In order to know God, one always has to live every part of the conscious life.


Shaheer Sheyogi: When I got to know Shaheer Sehyogi, I fell in Love with THIS Woman. To See Oneself Walking Behind the Times; Then Grooming Oneself While Walking with the Times; Then Stopping Oneself While Moving ahead of Time. I Saw these Three Arts in THIS Woman. Accepting not only Life but also Death as a part of Oneself and then Living easily, I saw in THIS Woman. If I have seen a happy person in my circle, Then I have seen HER. Even if it is MY Existence, yet it is far Beyond ME and Wonderful. I am Thankful to THIS brave Companion that She is my Existence, With Whom I have got a Chance to Live every moment.

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