what is meditation

What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the name of our Concentration. Concentration is the first step of Meditation and the attainment of it is Consciousness.

What is the definition of Meditation?

It is an exercise to fit one’s physical and mental state in correctness and Rhythm, Yoga. Through Which we achieve a Healthy Life.

How to Meditate?

No matter How you sit or lie, the position of the body should always be in 90 degrees. If there is difficulty in sitting and lying in 90 degrees, then we can change the position. But we should have numbers 3, 6, and 9 in each position. Like we can use 60 degree, we can use 45 degree and we can also use 180 degree.

  Or say what should be our position in meditation?

It is based on the flow of our earth’s energy and the design is 9 degrees. When we adopt the same position, then the flow of energy starts flowing straight and clear in us too.

How do we prepare for the basic position of meditation?

Sit comfortably straight on 3,6,9 degree and lie down.

take deep deep breaths and watch the breaths

Then we will feel in ourselves during which our eyes will automatically close.

Now slowly scan your body and watch every movement of the body carefully.

After that we start seeing our own thoughts.

Whenever our mind starts to wander, it is necessary to see that wandering that where this wandering takes us.

Now when silence starts entering us, then we have to start watching the silence comfortably.

How long should we sit in Meditation?

At least We must sit for 45 minutes in Meditation.

What Benefits do We Get from Meditation?

Our life becomes easy and simple. A stress-free mind begins to occur; Life starts getting healthy; The mood starts to be happy; The immune system starts getting healthy and our awareness starts increasing – Which makes life happy and peaceful.




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