what is god with a universe background

What is God?

What is God ?

God: That dimension of our existence in Which the entire universe is spread uniformly.

What is the definition of God?

I have always spoken of my own experience, and my experience is that the divine is the pinnacle of the culmination of the deepest purity of our consciousness. Such a peak that our consciousness is nothing but the mere presence of existence. The presence form of consciousness that flows in us as aliveness – that is a Lord.

What is the identity of God in the worldly dimension?

The identity of avatar in the worldly dimension is that a self-realized person always lives life in one mind. Meaning that the mood of such a person is always blissful. Whatever may be the part, situation, and direction of life, it always travels in only one mood. That mood is blissful-Aura.

What is the definition of God for atheism?

Truth is same for all. Be it a believer or an atheist. The theist understands consciousness through the external subject and the atheist makes own-self the subject.

How does today’s science see God?

Today’s science and today’s individual religion stand in the same place, and look at the divine with the same eye. Science is also a form of theism, which travels to the divine only through external objects. The external subject of the individual takes the names of ‘Guru’ and ‘Dharma’, and the external subject of science makes space the medium.

Is God an invisible form?

No, It travels in both the forms. Why? Because It is the name of the all-pervasive state. It can never be in one form. Shape and Formless; form and formlessness; color and color; day and night; happiness and sorrow; It is avatar in all. One is the incorporeal form and the other is the corporeal form. Both these forms are always present in our life in an all-pervading form.

What is the formula of God?

Consciousness+Aliveness+Peace = God

How can one see God?

This universe is living in It only, like fish is water. Water and space are the same thing. Water is wet space and space is dry water. The basis of both is water. Because of space consciousness, there is dry water. The more conscious a person becomes, the closer he will be to It – because the deep purity of consciousness is Lord.

What is the first step to attain God?

The first step to attain Avatar is always the thirst of the Soul. The path to Lord is made only on the depth of thirst. As soon as the path is made – in the same way, if the thirst becomes deeper, then it is the right path. Because the existence of God is the feeling of vastness in the expanse of infinity. The name of the journey to infinity is God

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