Journey Through Deep Transformation

Journey through deep Transformation

My writing

My deep strangeness is coming towards me as if I have gone into some deep death and have to be filled with light.


Here I am describing a deep inner experience. This is the last moment of my desire to live, the last moment of my feeling of ending deep-seated aspects of me and going through a very profound vital change. Just as death happens, and that last moment of death, in which A person meets not only his world but himself for the last time. This experience of my going into “deep death”, which I received from the energy spreading all over me, was a metaphorical journey in me into the depths of my life and the letting go of old patterns and beliefs, for new growth and enlightenment. Makes the way.

My feeling that I am “filling with light” is serving as a milestone for my life to come. Where I am becoming more aware of my true essence and reaching higher states of consciousness.

I have always lived my life well and handled any challenges or uncertainties that came my way by embracing my life’s journey with openness and self-compassion. I have always held the hand of my inner voice, no matter how much the circumstances outside me stood against me. My deep trust in the inner knowledge and intuition of all this life taught me to live naturally.

Each of my experiences has revealed to me self-discovery, personal growth, and a deep connection to my inner self. And has always taught me the art of surrendering to the process.

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