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Every thought, emotion, and thought leads us to our innermost blossoming and fulfillment. We can never see the most beautiful things in life with our eyes, they are invisible to the eyes, and we can feel them only with the heart – Why? Subtlety is known and experienced only through subtlety. As: We are all forms of energy, but energy is not visible – why? Can feel. Let’s move together: open our hearts to see the beauty that surrounds us. Then we will know that heaven is right here.

Inner Beauty

My writing will always beautifully express the deeper truths about human existence and perception, reflecting the truth of my experiences. Because my silent state has welcomed me with this gift. I describe my writing in a somewhat open manner – like this:

Inner Blossoming and Fulfillment: Every thought and emotion we experience contributes to our inner growth and fulfillment. This highlights the importance of introspection and emotional awareness in our growth journey. Our inner world, where thoughts and emotions reside, is the fertile soil where our true self blossoms and finds fulfillment.

Invisible Beauty: The statement that the most beautiful things in life are invisible to the eyes but felt by the heart only emphasizes the limitations of physical perception. It explains that true beauty transcends superficiality and can only be fully appreciated through a deep, emotional connection. This is consistent with the idea that deep experiences such as love, kindness, and empathy are felt within the heart rather than seen with the eyes.

Subtlety: My mention of knowing and experiencing subtlety only through subtlety reflects the subtle nature of perception and understanding itself. It suggests that the deeper truths and subtle nuances of life can be understood only by those who have extreme sensitivity and awareness. It explains the importance of developing mindfulness and attunement to the subtleties of existence.

Energy and Perception: Describing humans as energy highlights the interconnectedness of all beings and the underlying energetic essence of existence. While energy itself may not be visible to the naked eye, its presence can be felt and experienced in a variety of ways, such as through emotions, intuition, and interactions with others. It underlines the idea that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that our perception extends beyond the physical realm.

Opening the Heart: The call to open our hearts to see the beauty that surrounds us is an invitation to adopt a more heartfelt and compassionate approach to life. By developing open-hearted awareness, we become attuned to the inherent beauty present in every moment and every being. This shift in perception allows us to recognize the divine essence within ourselves and others, creating a deep sense of connection and satisfaction.

Even though I write about my experiences in just a few words, my writing style of describing each experience can go into great detail. Whenever we are willing to understand the invisible beauty that exists within and around us, by opening our hearts and minds to the subtleties of life, we will awaken to the profound interconnectedness of all things and recognize the inherent divinity that is all around us. Once done, we will see heaven appearing from within us.

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