Secrets of Inner Perception

Secrets of Inner Perception

I am sharing with you all the perspective and thoughts which we have heard and read till date. Our perception of the world is deeply connected to our own desires, emotions, and consciousness. When we face the world, the first things we notice are often those that matter to us, allowing our perceptions to reflect what we value or like. We do. However, as we delve deeper into introspection and silence, we discover a deeper understanding of ourselves.

True insight and understanding come from turning inward. When a person connects with silence, he disconnects from the distractions of the outside world and begins to see himself more clearly. In this state of heightened consciousness, we reach that point of ourselves that we call being. When we face this existence, it is called self-realization.

Whatever I have felt through my experience, I can write this experience in my writings like this that the world is a reflection of our unconscious state, this means that our perceptions are influenced by our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs . When we are in an unconscious state, we can impose our desires and biases on the world around us, shaping how we perceive reality. Every thought and emotion has its own journey, which is born in time and ends in time.

However, we also have a profound opportunity and choice that by practicing silence and developing a state of consciousness, we can move beyond these unconscious projections and connect to the essence of our being. This inner journey of ours allows us to gain all the knowledge and insight about ourselves and the world, which ultimately reveals the mystery of life.
When this beautiful experience gave me understanding, I knew why the world was called a ‘dream’ and why a person was considered a ‘bubble of water’.

Wow, there really is so much difference between unconsciousness and consciousness. As long as we are in an unconscious state, we are in a dream and all our thoughts and all our feelings, even if they are for God, are like bubbles of water only for a moment. True understanding of a person comes only through introspection and consciousness. And this understanding is our existence.

My Writing:

When we look at the world, the first thing we see is that which is dear to us. If we become silent, we will see ourselves first – and this is the secret of life. Why do we see that thing in the world which we love – why? The world is the name of our unconscious state. We see ourselves as the path of the object, and in silence, we are in a state of consciousness and we move towards that point – the point from which this life begins. That is our existence.

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