Bad but Good Life

Bad but Good Life

My Writing

Even though I am bad for everyone and may be wrong, I am always good for life; No matter Who’s life that is!


This statement of mine reflects a deep reflection on self-worth and the purpose of life unity – How?
“I am both bad and wrong to everyone”: From this you will realize how I live life from within my own experience. What I am saying is that I am not concerned about anyone’s personal life, I am concerned about the unity of all of us – so that all life can attain happiness.

“Just good for life”: Here, I acknowledge a positive quality or value within me. This could mean that I value the natural form of our existence because no matter how we are, deep down we all contribute in some way to the continuity and sustenance of life. This very writing of mine will become a force to recognize the potential in all of us to bring life force, support or positivity into the world.

“It doesn’t matter whose life it is”: This characteristic of my life’s perceived value is universally distributed. No matter how anyone lives his life, I have always been impressed by it, and I have always wanted to support him. This means that my worth is not dependent on specific individuals or relationships, but exists independently and universally. Because, I know that if I love God, there is God everywhere. So how can I tell the difference?

Only such experiences of life, which seem like puzzles, can be called “medicine” or “vaccination”.

The medication or vaccination may be unpleasant or considered harmful by individuals due to potential side effects or discomfort. However, they are ultimately beneficial to life as they help prevent and treat diseases, save lives, and improve overall health, no matter what a person’s life is.

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