Discovering Fulfillment: The Essence of the Death

A Serene Journey

In this enlightening statement, we delve into the profound concept of death and its intrinsic connection to the rhythm of existence. Throughout my life, I’ve sensed a profound connection to the ebb and flow of nature, embracing a poetic essence that seems to underpin existence itself. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore how surrendering to the gentle rhythms of our existence can lead to effortless fulfillment and joy.

I have seen, understood, and recognized that I have always loved flowing, not swimming – perhaps that is Why I reached my destination quickly.

Gentle Rhythm of Life

Every step of my life will always show a deep connection with the flow of nature in a poetic spirit – because it is the basic foundation of all life. Where every person can fulfill his purpose without fighting the flow. By following the path of least resistance, by surrendering to the gentle rhythm of one’s existence, one can effortlessly discover one’s destination. This fluid and spontaneous flow of life and our perspective of thinking guides the currents of life, which also allows us to move forward with grace and ease.

Death and Dissolution

Throughout my life, I have felt a deep connection with the ups and downs of nature, my own merits and demerits, due to which I have embraced the poetic essence of life and allowed myself to live as a flow for the sake of existence. Absorbed in a dedicated feeling. This absorption seemed like death; As if this absorption itself were a fundamental force shaping every aspect of life, providing a path where individuals could find satisfaction without the stress of constant resistance. By surrendering our being to the gentle rhythms of life, we can effortlessly unfold our life’s journey. This fluid rhythm of life, this benevolent effect of our existence, both are pure guidance. It takes us towards our destination with ease, peace and happiness.

Mastering Surrender: The Key to Living Your Best Life!

Unlock the secrets of mastering surrender and unlock the key to living your best life! In this transformative statement, discover how embracing surrender can lead to greater fulfillment, happiness, and success. Join us as we delve into the power of surrender and its impact on personal growth and inner peace.

Silence: Surrender: Death

Silence, Surrender and Death:
These three are the same.
Death is the act of unconsciousness.
Silence is the path of Meditation – Which means the stage between Sleep and Waking.
Surrender is a state of Alertness. It is the highway to consciousness. Reaching consciousness is the destination of individual life.
Silence can also be called personal Death: just as Death is physical Death; Silence kills a person’s personal life – which means that the person is freed from suffering.
A dedicated life becomes a Spiritual life; This can also be called a unity life. This means that for such a person the World becomes a Family.
As I have lived life, I have always seen life born out of Death, and I have always seen myself born out of Death in the right form.
Death has given me birth – and then my born existence has always been given Gifts like Happiness, Peace, and Comfort in this birth.

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