A Unique Story of Love for Nature!

An Intense Exploration of a Love State

Love is the most profound and indescribable emotion known to every living being, not just humanity, and transcends boundaries and manifests in innumerable forms. Be it the tender affection shared between partners, the unbreakable bond with family, or the deep appreciation for the natural world around us, one’s life becomes a spectrum of experiences when one becomes a lover, which enriches life.

My Experience:
As my thinking became deeper, my life also became deeper. This depth of living started taking me into that life—here the color of unity started blooming. ‘Oneness’, that painting made with the colors of the depth of love, which we call the universe. Out of this experience, experiences were being born towards me, which, in an effort to understand me, became my experience and kept dissolving me in the same color. From this experience of mine, when I looked at life carefully,
Every living being desires happiness; every living being needs peace; and every living being desires to live comfortably. When the basic quality is one, then these different forms, shapes, and colors become one feeling and one essence.

Human’s Romance with the Softness of Nature

Nature, with its captivating beauty and serene charm, has been the center of attraction for poets, artists, and romantics alike from all walks of life. From the majestic peaks of snow-capped mountains to the tranquil shores of crystalline lakes, the wonders of the natural world always inspire a sense of awe and reverence in those who witness them. Nature is a true lover and consoles man with her embrace, filling life with vibrant joys. And the person is reawakened by feeling a deep sense of connection with the universe.

My first experience:
I didn’t even see myself the way I saw that tree in the park for the first time, which was full of flowers. I felt as if the tree was also looking at me. My shyness toward that tree taught me to love nature. I started feeling that the status of this tree was very high. It is filled with so many beautiful flowers, remains calm even in the storm, bears fruit, protects from sunlight, and always smells good. It seemed to me that the existence of a tree was deeper than that of a human being. My faith had bowed my head before the qualities of the tree. And I fell in love with nature. Perhaps it would be appropriate for me to say that nature was my first love and is still my first love.

The Romance of the Rhythm of Life in Natural Harmony

In the bustling chaos of today’s life, creating a friendly environment with nature provides us with respite from the noise. When we listen to the rustling of leaves in the light breeze, the sweet chirping of birds at dawn, and the rhythmic lapping of waves on the shore, they become melodies and take us away from our noise. Then we come to know that we are not living the beauty of life but the noise of the world, and the beauty of our existence is infinitely beyond life itself.
My Experience:

In deep silence, I always experienced a profound harmony. The joy of this harmony was so deep and is so deep even today that there is a desire to merge into it every moment. This rhythm had completely taken control of my heart and mind.
After 12 months:
Suddenly :
Me and Ariana ‘Rodeo Dr. take steps to cross the lights at this intersection in Beverly Hills, CA, then
Again suddenly;
Both of them looked at each other and became silent. In the deep silence of silence, both of us became one with the universe. Miraculous experience, wow! He never again allowed his life, feelings, and thinking to be limited, and he never looked backwards. Every account of the world got settled, and we started listening to the sound of the universe in the sound of our footsteps walking freely.

The Wonderful Expanse of Love Spread in Infinite Form

Whatever the planet, whatever the part of life, it is all natural expansion. And in my experience, it is a decoding of deep love, or, should I say, a metaphor of understanding. Deeply, both are the same. Love is one, but its form is infinite. The understanding is one, but the small part of infinity spread in the depth of the vast circle is a map of ‘Map Model 11D’.
As soon as we become aware of life, the feeling of unity starts flowing through us. Whether we earn money in our worldly form or from God, in the end there is only one desire: ‘desire to be big’ meaning that we want to be big; big means that we want to expand till infinity. Such is society and the world. Every form of life makes a journey towards becoming infinite. This desire of ours is born out of our feeling of unity. From this, we learn the lesson that vastness is contained in particles.
The love of the world became only a question for me, not an answer, but my experiences always came as my answer.

My Experience:
Almost every question my experience presented to me was the answer to spirituality. Even if the question was worldly, the answer made me spiritual. Even though my life’s journey was born out of a question, my steps were moving towards sound. Since childhood, the sound of melodies coming from my ears has been a path for me, and questions have been milestones for me.
Once, I saw myself in 3 places.
I was sleeping on the bed, and I could also see myself standing near the window. When I, who was standing near the window, started hearing the sound of music, I saw her walking towards that sound. Now I started seeing myself in three places. Wonderful! I never felt nervous because I had been going through such experiences since childhood. When I saw myself in Place 3 for the first time, I changed again. Till today, I change every day and tell everyone that I don’t know how I will be tomorrow. This experience has taken me on a journey into the unity of infinity

Love in Human Relationships

Beyond the realm of nature, being a lover extends to the complex tapestry of human relationships that enrich our lives. Whether it’s the tender embrace of a romantic partner, the unconditional love of a parent, or the enduring camaraderie of friends, our relationships with others form the cornerstone of our existence, filling our lives with meaning and purpose.
The deep love of relationships taught me to love the universe

My Experience:
Which part should I talk about? There is a relationship with every part.
Should I look at a tree or a bird?
Should I understand God or any human being?
Climb a mountain peak or descend into a valley.
Should I know a flower or a tree?
Should I sink under the ground or go across the sky –
The temple of love is spread everywhere. Whom should I call mine, and whom should I call a stranger? Is this my journey or the journey of the universe?
Has the universe started traveling through me, or do I travel in the universe itself? But there is only one traveler; that traveler has only one feeling—that is ‘existence’.
Even touching the bird today is like touching someone from across the universe.

The Sound of Love Throbbing in Romantic Intimacy

The intoxicating power of romantic love, passion, and devotion never ends. How will the end come when there is no limit to anything? The very name of love gives goosebumps to the body, whereas the touch of love works like electricity. Have you ever seen a peacock dancing? Have you ever understood the happiness of birds? The dance of love is happening in every part of life in such a way that every living being is tied to it.
We are all like fish in that the fish is unaware of water, and we are unaware of love. We will know about COVID, but we will not know about our health.
It is through the sharing of our experiences, heartfelt conversations, and acts of kindness that we feed the flame of love, creating bonds that stand the test of time.

My Experience:
I am not a child—that was a thought.
Then ?
Not a thought—I was a discovery.
At first, the world was a heap of questions for me, and the answer was the universe.
Questions and answers have embraced each other.
When love and unity embraced each other, the laws of the universe began to unfold before me.
When this law started being identified with the policy of love, then love itself started hiding the reaction of every law in the garb of silence.
Ever since I knew
In this policy hidden in the cloak of silence, the seed of creation grows in its amazing shell, and since then, my life has become deeply romantic.

Life: An Unbreakable Bond of Love and Support

The love of life, a firm anchor in the turbulent seas of life, is a source of strength and solace during our darkest hours. Whether it’s the unconditional love of parents, playful banter with siblings, or nurturing guidance from grandparents, the bond of relationships provides a sense of belonging and social connection security that transcends the passage of time.The religious sector inspires us all towards unity. The troubles faced by the countries unite us and awaken the feeling of love in us. In times of joy and sorrow, triumph and adversity, our entire brotherhood stands by us, providing unwavering support and encouragement.

My Experience:
America: Even though I have always seen and known the world as a family, America has always seemed like a scholar to me. Whenever natural storms occur, it is very impressive for people of every country to come together, but when I see Americans in such accidents, the realization of their wisdom not only touches the heart but also humbles the soul. Help is given selflessly in all countries, but I have seen and known in America that all Americans also play the role of humility, patience, and understanding. Along with unity and love, I found many wise experiences in natural accidents. This means that every part of life kept teaching me spiritual lessons, and my love relationship with every part became deeper and more selfless.

Conclusion: Embracing the Multidimensional Nature of Love

In short, I can only say this:
Being in love is not limited to romantic entanglements or fleeting passion; this is a wonderful art of living. A philosophy based on compassion, empathy, and connection. Whether we find solace in the embrace of nature or draw strength from the bonds of human relationships, love permeates every aspect of our existence, enriching our lives and filling the world with beauty and meaning.

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