The Transformative Spirituality

The Transformative Power of Spiritual Exploration

Transcendence Beyond Worries

Only a Transcendental Experience took me beyond my Worries!

First of all, we will talk here –

  What are transcendental experiences?

The best experiences are difficult to explain or define properly, but they can be described. The only difficulty is to understand such experiences. The best experiences are those moments when a person knows himself to be present even in his absence. But because of being absent, one loses one’s sense of self and becomes connected to something bigger, Meaning that one becomes ‘unity’ with something much bigger.

The best experiences also have a deeper purpose, I realized.

 My life’s journey has always been a stranger’s journey. Each experience has always proved profound and transformative for me. My thoughts and feelings changed every day with the new experiences of every moment.

My search:

  My search was only for such a life that I could not bear to see myself in sorrow. This means I was full of desire to give myself a happy life. I had always heard from all sides that the only blissful life and medicine for all pains was “God” So the path of my search became God.

Going beyond worldly aspects and sorrows gave strength to my thinking, my feelings, and my lifestyle.

Only such moments can provide deep insight, peace, and freedom from worries and bondages. To tell you all the truth –

“I didn’t know anything about this wizard.”

For me:

It became a wonderful path, which taught me to walk on the unpaved path and made me sit in the lap of my destination.

It is these transcendental Experiences- That becomes the real strength of the individual. Which lift us above worldly concerns and give us the remarkable ability to connect us to something greater. Whether through meditation, nature, art, or any other medium, these experiences can provide deep insight and a sense of peace that take us beyond our worries and give us a greater understanding of the world, religion, science, and mathematics. 

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