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    What is called beauty?

    There will be beauty here too, there will be some rhythm there, which we may not be able to discern yet. Beauty means harmony; In harmony, there is one note, tone, rhythm, and line, so beauty means that this part or thing is a melody of one note. Be it a thought, a feeling, an experience, an experience, whatever – the mere existence of a rhythm is proof that it reveals some law or the other. The law of the universe is also in tune – there is the flower of spirituality. Essence of Beauty: What is beauty? Why do we find something beautiful? What is the secret of beauty?…

  • Awakening

    What A Love!

    Transformative Moment Experiences: Today a moment came before me from the circle of infinity of time, which revealed to me the mystery of the policy of the universe in a new way of love. How are these moments, and when do these moments come? What happens in these important examples? What kind of moment had this come? When such experiences come to a person in the form of a question, those personal experiences of ours come before us today and show the glory of our identity, because now the demand for exploration and understanding wants to meet us. Amazing moment of transformation: In the blink of an eye, that is,…