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What is called beauty?

There will be beauty here too, there will be some rhythm there, which we may not be able to discern yet. Beauty means harmony; In harmony, there is one note, tone, rhythm, and line, so beauty means that this part or thing is a melody of one note. Be it a thought, a feeling, an experience, an experience, whatever – the mere existence of a rhythm is proof that it reveals some law or the other. The law of the universe is also in tune – there is the flower of spirituality.

Essence of Beauty:

What is beauty? Why do we find something beautiful? What is the secret of beauty? Meaning, what is the essence of beauty?
Beauty is not just a visual pleasure; It is a harmonious blend of elements that resonates through our soul. In this article and this video, we delve deeper into the concept of beauty, exploring its essence, its role in spirituality, and its presence in the universe.

Understanding Beauty:

Beauty is often linked to aesthetics, but its essence goes far beyond mere appearance. It is about unity, balance, and rhythm. Like well-composed music or a beautifully choreographed dance, beauty in life is about the seamless integration of different elements.
When we talk about beauty in thought, feeling, or experience, we are talking about the harmony of the living being within it. It is like a raga where every note, note, and rhythm come together to form a symphony that resonates within us.

The universal law of rhythm:

The presence of beauty in the world around us is evidence of a universal law – the law of rhythm. This law states that all things in the universe are interconnected and consistent with each other. From every movement of space to the growth of a flower, everything follows a rhythm, a pattern that is rhythmically complete and balanced.
This law of rhythm extends beyond the physical realm and also into the spiritual realm. It is the foundation of spirituality, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection with the universe.

Beauty in Spirituality:

Spirituality is often seen as a journey toward enlightenment, a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. And at the center of this journey is beauty. The beauty of a calm mind, kind heart, and peaceful soul.
In spirituality, beauty is not just about external appearances, but about inner rhythm and balance. It is about aligning our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our true nature and the universal law of harmony.

The flow of life:

Life itself is a symphony of rhythms – the rhythm of day and night, the rhythm of the seasons, the rhythm of birth and death. And within this symphony, there is beauty everywhere, which it is our duty today to discover and appreciate.
To truly embrace the beauty around us, we must learn to tune into the rhythms of life, to listen to the tunes playing all around us. Be it the rustling of leaves in the wind, a child’s laughter, or the gentle hum of the universe, there is beauty in every sound, every sight, every moment

Beauty is also the deepest method of meditation:

From personal life to life beyond the universe, beauty is the glory.
Beauty is the queen in every part of life. If love is the king, then beauty is the mother of this king.
I have seen and understood this very closely from two of my own big experiences.
That is-
Out of the silence and the setting sun:
Silence, my experience:
The thing that is rhythmic in the state of deep silence is the comfort that resides in peace.
Be it daytime or work time, I am always in a relaxed state.
How do I recognize this?
The body is missing, the tongue is stuck to the sole. There is a stage of sleeping with open eyes. The expanse of the state of relaxation in the state of deep silence gives me the feeling of a very distant space. I am sitting here, it seems that I see and hear someone even in an unseen place. The expanse of space of my consciousness Can be felt only from a distance. Space, every sound, every movement, everything has a rhythm; The rhythm is neither slow nor high, just flat. Nothing is meant to create disturbance. Silence is beautiful because in silence everything plays a flat and harmonious tune – the beauty of which connects us with the universe.
Experience the setting sun:
Evening time: This moment is considered to be a moment of great health. In the setting sun, the sky, light, and colors harmonize in one rhythm. The moment of the setting sun and rising sun absorbs one’s beauty.
We see beauty only there – here also there is rhythm – which utters a line or a tune – and our mind becomes present in a state of no mind.

What a Beauty:

Beauty is not just a visual pleasure; It is a harmonious blend of elements that resonates with our soul. It is the essence of life itself, the rhythm that binds us all together.

By embracing the beauty of rhythm, we can enrich our lives, deepen our understanding of ourselves and the universe, and begin a journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

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