What A Love!

Transformative Moment Experiences:

Today a moment came before me from the circle of infinity of time, which revealed to me the mystery of the policy of the universe in a new way of love. How are these moments, and when do these moments come? What happens in these important examples? What kind of moment had this come? When such experiences come to a person in the form of a question, those personal experiences of ours come before us today and show the glory of our identity, because now the demand for exploration and understanding wants to meet us.

Amazing moment of transformation:

In the blink of an eye, that is, a moment smaller than a second, we can change the shape of the universe and, with it, our entire perception of reality. It is in these fragilities that we encounter the profound nature of existence. Whether it’s a personal revelation, a global event, or a cosmic event, these moments have the power to shape our lives in ways we never thought possible. Today, my life is flowing due to such incidents.

Adopting the full form of love:

Today, my life is no longer lived amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life; my life swims in the ocean of love. Today and now, a gentle breeze of wonderful love started flowing into my being, due to which my existence became so mesmerized and stood in such a presence that I even felt myself absent. In the embrace of this moment, not only within me, it felt as if there was some profound movement in the universe, due to which words spontaneously came out of me:
“I fell in love again.”

This wave of love started flowing completely through every fiber of my being and started making its way into my soul as well. I felt as if every fiber of my being became love, and every part of the universe bore witness to this transformative force, guiding me on the winding path of life.

The flow of love everywhere:

As I looked around, I saw flowing fountains of love in every corner of existence. In those walls, in the curtains, in the pictures, in the sounds coming from far away, in the cars moving on the roads, it means that there was love everywhere, as if both love and space accepted each other. Love was omnipresent.
Today, in my life flowing with love, love suddenly showed another form of its beauty, which I named ‘Love was omnipresent’.
Words: Computer: Hands: The touch of my hands was not touching the keyboard, as if it were touching love, and words were being born on the screen. It means that the hands were dancing on the keyboard, and in this dance, experiences were being born in the form of words. Today, for the first time, something was beginning to be born on the bed of deep uniformity.

An intoxicating revelation:

Seeing the flowing flow of deep love, a question arose in me:
Was the love that existed before today not love?
The gentle smile of my being secretly replied, ‘It was love only’

In these moments of clarity, a hum in the silence within me began to strike a gentle rhythm, resonating with a new wave of purpose and meaning. It was as if my very being had awakened to the infinite possibilities of love.

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