Voyage Through Consciousness

Voyage Through Consciousness


A gray and purple dimension, in which I felt only drops of water falling on me. If water can’t exist here in a state of deep silence, then water drops could exist there – How? This question of mine was turning hidden from me, when I started smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers. I had seen the flowers or some part of my consciousness had awakened, which was engaged in revolving around the universe – I did not even know this yet. The dress of my own body started taking the form of mist and it started molding itself in the color of that dimension. I was aware of at least four dimensions and was also aware of all the questions arising in me.

1- I was lying on the bed in deep silence;

2- I was having a dream – in which I was walking on a dirt road and was seeing my mother going from a far distance.

3- When I started crying in the dream, I called Aeriana (daughter) to come and quiet me, but my voice did not reach Aeriana – I know this, but Aeriana will come, I have woken her up – this I also know. I see myself crying, I am asleep – even dreaming, and I also know that Aeriana has come to wake me up – and I say ‘You are here Aeriana’

4- I am also seeing that all my clothes have become mist and the universe in front of me is like a football, I am seeing the entire universe, my existence here has become like mist. Everything there is ‘transparent’ like water. My existence is not in me – my existence is in the universe. I am standing still – as if I am the only one moving, everything else has started blooming like a blooming flower.

Which way should I go?

I am lying on the bed; No, I cry in my dreams; No, I am telling Aeriana that – ‘Wake up, wake me up, I am crying, and I am seeing the universe blooming.

Aeriana comes, wakes me up, and says – ‘Mom, what happened?’

I said – ‘I was waiting for you only’ She lefts.

Now I go into my dreams and tell my dead mother, ‘Now you also go – I have to go somewhere else too’ Mother went and I closed my eyes and then went into the gray and purple dimension and started watching the universe blossom.

Now the answer to every question of four dimensions is given in the next part—-

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