A Healthy Level of Self-Awareness

A Healthy Level of Self-Awareness

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I have never crossed any of my limits unconsciously, be it of relationships, circumstances, abilities or money.


I have experienced this very deeply, sitting in the lap of the real form of life, and have come to know that – if a person is in his own conscious state, then the person does not need any other virtue or demerit. The state of consciousness of a person is itself absorbed in the positivity of all life.
What makes any person living under a state of consciousness admirable is that that person maintains a very strong level of awareness and self-control in various aspects of his life. Living that person, not that person, is respecting one’s own boundaries, whether they relate to relationships, circumstances, abilities or finances, and this is vital to personal growth and well-being. By consciously staying within one’s limits, one exhibits a healthy level of self-awareness and self-discipline.

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