Can a Sleeping Person Attain God? with an image of a lake

Can a Sleeping Person Attain God?

What is falling asleep?

When the mind’s connection with the body is broken, it is called falling asleep.(sleep)
Where is the body in Sleep?
In sleep we are separated from the body, because the mind is asleep – that is why we have a connection with the body.
What is called raw Sleep?
When our mind is separating from the body.
Can a person wake up even in Sleep?
A person with consciousness in sleep can be awake.

Can a Sleeping person attain God?

When I saw this question, existence said that the person’s unconsciousness and laziness have reached its limits. If you can eat and drink while sleeping, then you can also find God. You will have to solve this question yourself that how you can eat and drink while sleeping.
Now if this question has arisen, then its positive answer must also be somewhere in our existence. So now we have to find that answer.

Who is that person Who can attain God even While Sleeping?

Only a person Who is fully awake can attain God. One Who knows the sleeping body and the sleeping mind completely.

How many Sleeping people have attained God till Now?

If we examine this question very deeply, then we will have to go behind the origin of this question. such as-
1- Do we consider someone as a sleeping person?
2- What do we understand by God?
3- What is sleeping and waking up?

Even if a person is asleep on the physical level, but wakes up on the spiritual level, he will definitely attain. All the enlightened people till date are very deeply awakened human beings. And they are also deeply asleep.
Are awake – in the positive dimension and are asleep, in the negative dimension. To fall asleep in the negative dimension is to wake up in a circle, because the person is sleeping in the negative. To sleep in the negative is to wake up deeply, this is the true nature of the negative.

How is the Sleeping State of Self-Realization?

Self-realization does not have a Sleeping state at all, it happens only in the waking state. That’s Why one is self-realised. Or say that the one Who never sleeps is self-realised. The closure of the eyes is not sleep, the sleep of the Soul is the real sleep.

What is the difference between the Sleep of the Body and the Sleep of the Soul?

When the body sleeps, our mind, intellect and soul are awake, this is our dream-state, in which these three do not sleep. And when the soul sleeps it is our unconscious state. The degree of ignorance describes the sleeping state of the soul. Falling asleep of body and soul becomes Death.


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