A Transcendent Experience

A Transcendent Experience

You will feel as if I am describing a very deep reflective experience of consciousness, or should I say, I am describing a spiritual experience. Where I am going through different dimensions of my consciousness and perception.


Lying in bed in deep Silence: This indicates a state of rest or peace, and this is my physical state from which I am experiencing dreams and introspection into the universe.

Dreaming of walking on a dirt road, Seeing my Mother: Dreams often symbolize subconscious thoughts and feelings. To see one’s mother, to see aspects of her parenting, guidance, or unresolved feelings related to her, and to bring that mother, who died 19 years ago, into the present day, in a dream, is a statement of consciousness that she is from the past. Can go in time.

Calling Aeriana in the Dream: Aeriana in the dream is a symbol of comfort or assurance, a symbol of trust, and also a symbol of deep unity. The physical form does not reach her, not even a voice comes out, but my consciousness knows I am calling her. I have reached here and she will come. This is my three-dimensional journey with Aeriana. As such, despite my initial inability to reach Aeriana, I have a sense of trust and anticipation and Aeriana provides the solace of my consciousness that she will come whenever called.

Clothes becoming mist, Understanding the Universe: This experience of mine makes me recognize how consciousness changes as physical boundaries dissolve and merge with the universe. Our consciousness transcends our trust and perception of individuality to a state of interconnectedness with the universe. How it expands and how it makes one understand the form and shape of infinity.

Now this Question arises in me, Which path have I taken?

This question may seem like a metaphor or a common one related to existence, but it is not so. My experience here also makes me aware of the phenomenon of Life and Death. This experience of mine also indicates a transition or transformation, symbolizing the blossoming universe. It also reflects a journey towards greater understanding, deeper connection, or transcendence.

As I move forward on this journey, conversations with Aeriana and my mother are symbols of seeking support or guidance from trusted sources and, most profoundly, a description of the journey through and across time. The direction I take and my decision to move forward lies within myself, guided by my intuition and understanding of the experiences that come before me.

My experience paints a vivid picture of a transformative and introspective journey, full of symbolism and meaning. You will feel as if I am on a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth, deeply awakened to the deeper truths of the universe and existence itself – and That is True.

My Experience: part 1

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