Depth of Consciousness

The brain is the computer of consciousness

Depth of Consciousness

This experience of mine today has opened up a deeper dimension of life to me. When I gained the knowledge through experience that “Consciousness has complete control over the Brain.”

I started feeling as if the aura of some amazing and supernatural power was spread all around me. I have always been on my own journey, I never got time to listen or read anyone else’s biography. It was only the questions arising in me that took me towards religious books. Today I have heard these words from myself for the first time and today’s newly arisen question has also come to me for the first time.

‘If Consciousness has complete control over the Brain, then are existence and consciousness separate? – If separate, then what is their mutual relationship?’

With this question, new energy has arisen in me again.

Consciousness can be understood as subjective awareness or the experience of being aware. It is the ability to understand, think, and experience sensations. The deeper the consciousness, the more the Aura of consciousness will spread, which can be called ‘attentive’ consciousness.

On the other hand, existence is often considered to be the state of being, the fact or reality of existing or occurring in the world. It includes everything that exists, both tangible and intangible, including objects, ideas, events, and even abstract concepts. As I have now read, some philosophers consider existence to be fundamental, and consciousness arises within existence.

In others, consciousness is seen as fundamental, and existence arises within consciousness or is realized by consciousness. Now I proceed from this point to further questions,

Such As:

What is the relationship between consciousness and existence?

How does the nature of consciousness shape our understanding of existence?

Are there different levels or types of consciousness and existence?

How do these concepts affect our perception of reality and our place in it?

Now if we want to know the reality and truth deeply, then how will we know?

For example,

If consciousness is considered fundamental, then reality may be seen as more subjective or interconnected. Alternatively, if existence is primary, reality may be seen as more objective or physical. These questions can lead to deep and fascinating explorations of the nature of reality, perception, and human experience, and now I have set out on this journey to find myself alive within the deep mystery of Death and Birth. Our life is a journey that invites curiosity, openness, and a willingness to embrace the mystery of existence. Let us explore life’s deepest mysteries, question and remain forever connected to wonder!

Let’s Stay Connected to the Wonder!

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