• When I denied the Word Religion?

    When I denied Word Religions?

    When I denied Word Religions? My Experience: (Word Religion) I could never have imagined that now Whenever I ‘on’ the computer, it would occur to me that I should not read or watch any religious part. When we look at life from the point of view of Religion, the face of life that we see is Shyness – like a Woman; Today, When I look at life, I want to ignore the word Religion, because now ‘Mathematics and Science’ comes in front of me, science seems like a perfect man to me and science is the real MAN. – Who knows that He will never win life’s chess without the…

  • What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life? My Experience:It flows from the Moment of the Stream of Life When the stream of Experiences started flowing in me. The Joy of the scenes of such a moment becomes as vast as the ages . When I realized this, a Time of deep adventure began to flow in me, Which my existence calls Spiritual Life. How did the Spiritual Life Begin? My Experience:Now I started remembering that Story, When I saw myself Pathless in the dense forests of Thoughts . Then a thought of that moment had secretly told me the story of my One Birth.Even Today that moment of some Era is alive…

  • what is universe
    Mathematics, Science, and Spirituality

    What is Universe?

    What is Universe? Everything that appears Formless, Colorful and Shapeless, all this is the Universe. What is the Definition of Universe? To me: The cosmic is a Deep and Mysterious Wisdom of the Deep Silent. What is the Wisdom of the Deep Silence of the Universe? Even after the movement of billions of Things, the space is a Deep Silence, Which if we just address it as Zero, then Justice will be done to the heaven. Why is the Universe So Big? When I ask myself any such Question, the question itself becomes my deep method, which takes me to my own inner atmosphere. I see what it is all…