• How can we define Sannyas correctly?

    How can we define Sannyas correctly?

    Sannyas can be defined as a spiritual or philosophical lifestyle characterized by the deliberate renunciation of worldly attachments, desires, and material pursuits in pursuit of higher spiritual goals. It involves seeking liberation, self-realization, or enlightenment while living a life that is often simple, contemplative, and dedicated to spiritual growth. Sannyas is associated with becoming a liberated person, sage, or saint. It’s about embracing a state of being that is not careless but carefree, indicating a freedom from worldly concerns and a focus on inner peace and spiritual development. Sannyas, when understood correctly, is the path toward a carefree existence that is unburdened by material desires and attachments, leading to a…

  • what is sannyas

    What is Sannyas

    What is Sannyas? It is a term often associated with the renunciation of worldly attachments and a pursuit of spiritual or inner fulfillment. It’s a path followed by some individuals in various spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism or Buddhism, where they choose to lead a life of simplicity, meditation, and detachment from material possessions. The idea of sannyasa resonates with you on a profound level, invoking strong emotions of love and deep silence. This might indicate a longing for a simpler, more contemplative way of life, where you can explore your inner self and seek a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. Similarly, the word “retirement” appears to hold a…

  • path to awakening

    Path to Awakening

    Awakening to one’s inner existence and achieving self-realization is a profound and lifelong journey. It involves recognizing the vast potential that lies within us and striving to reach a state of harmony, fulfillment, and understanding. Here are some steps and principles that may help guide you on this path to awakening: Remember that self-realization is a deeply personal and individual journey. What works for one person may not work for another. Trust your intuition and follow your heart as you explore your inner world and strive for a more fulfilling life. The path itself is as important as the destination, and it’s a continuous process of self-discovery and growth. Meditation,…

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    What is Renunciation?

    Renunciation is a profound transition that marks both the culmination of the mental level and the initiation of the intellectual level in an individual’s spiritual journey. It represents the deepest state of awareness within the mental realm, leading to a profound recognition of the true and authentic nature of the world. In essence, renunciation serves as the initial stride toward comprehending the genuine essence of life. This pivotal phase often emerges during a period of deep emotional turmoil or mental distress within a person’s life. It is during these challenging moments that individuals contemplate altering their way of existence, choosing to embark on a transformative path that promises a more…