What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body?

What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body?

What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body?

Today my Topic again is very Special and Amazing that When our biography becomes Spiritual then along with our Lifestyle the Condition of our body also changes. Why and How?(Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body)

Why do I consider MY present Life as a Spiritual Life?

Is my today’s Life Spiritual or is it just the way it should Be? We will find the answer to this question in two parts.

First: – From the Word Religion –

When Life is lived Carefree, Happy, Free, and Peaceful, Then it is called a Spiritual Life.

Second :- from the common Natural Word –

When we are just life, and our life is just living, there is no struggle in it, it just flows through the circumstances and states in every moment, then we are in natural life.

  The Natural lLfe and the Spiritual Life are one and the same; One is for Theism and one is for Atheism. There is no difference between the two. Spirituality is the natural life of a person and the spiritual life of a person is the natural life.

What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on my Body?

My Experience:

1- First of all it happened to me that my physical ailments were gone, which even the doctors had said would never end. When the doctors of USC in Canada univercity did my checkup. Because that chemical element was not formed in my bones, due to which iron is formed in a person. And because of this disease, I was always sick. First of all, this disease of mine went away from me on its own.

2- Since childhood, I was very afraid of my mother, due to which my J ism always used to tremble. My hands in particular were very shaky, and I could never hold a glass with one hand. Today my hands are fine.

3- My blood and all the chemical elements of blood are complete forever.

4- I had always heard one thing spiritual as well that the person whose attention is felt, that person’s forehead rises, and my forehead started rising.

5- My forehead becomes very red When I am in deep meditation – Why, I don’t know, I just feel very relaxed, and my tongue is pressed against the roof of my mouth, like When a person is asleep Is. And saliva always flows from my mouth.

6- Every nerve-system of the body is heard.

7- At special times, like the forehead, the hands and feet also turn red as if someone has applied gulal.

8- They give signals even before the disease comes.

9- The stomach system cleans itself very openly.

10- How to cure diseases – This method itself comes with the disease.

Today, When I look carefully at the creation of this entire universe, then only living remains to bow down and fade away.

What is the definition of Spiritual Life?

It is a Simple and Easy matter. Its definition is the Art of LIving very Simply.

If I want to describe the State and Condition of Spiritual lLfe, Then I have to say like this:-

Sense of living in Thoughtlessness + Absence of Physical Level + Realization Beyond Life = Spiritual State

What is the difference between Spiritual Life and Worldly Life?

Spiritual life is the Art of Living and Worldly Life is the development of Living in Struggle 



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Shaheer Sheyogi: When I got to know Shaheer Sehyogi, I fell in Love with THIS Woman. To See Oneself Walking Behind the Times; Then Grooming Oneself While Walking with the Times; Then Stopping Oneself While Moving ahead of Time. I Saw these Three Arts in THIS Woman. Accepting not only Life but also Death as a part of Oneself and then Living easily, I saw in THIS Woman. If I have seen a happy person in my circle, Then I have seen HER. Even if it is MY Existence, yet it is far Beyond ME and Wonderful. I am Thankful to THIS brave Companion that She is my Existence, With Whom I have got a Chance to Live every moment.

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