Nature’s Embrace: A Love Story Like No Other!

Embracing the Essence of Love: Exploring the Depths of Being a Lover

Love is the most profound and indescribable emotion known to every living being, not just to humanity, and transcends boundaries and manifests in innumerable forms. Whether it’s the tender affection shared between partners, the unbreakable bond with family, or the deep appreciation for the natural world around us, being a lover creates a gamut of experiences that enrich our lives. .

My Experience:
As my thinking became deeper, my life also became deeper. This depth of living started taking me into that life—here the color of unity started blooming. ‘Oneness’, that painting made with the colors of the depth of love, which we call the universe. Out of this experience, experiences were being born towards me, which, in an effort to understand me, became my experience and kept dissolving me in the same color. From this experience of mine, when I looked at life carefully,
Every living being desires happiness; Every living being needs peace; and every living being desires to live comfortably. When the basic quality is one, then these different forms, shapes and colors become one feeling and one essence.

The Allure of Nature: A Haven for the Romantic Soul

Nature, with its captivating beauty and serene allure, has long been a center of attraction for poets, artists and romantics alike. From the majestic peaks of snow-capped mountains to the tranquil shores of crystalline lakes, the wonders of the natural world evoke a sense of awe and reverence in those who witness them. As lovers of nature, we find solace in its embrace, rejuvenating our spirits and awakening a deep sense of connection with the universe.
My first experience:
I didn’t even see myself the way I saw that tree in the park for the first time, which was full of flowers. I felt as if the tree was also looking at me. My shyness toward that tree taught me to love nature. I started feeling that the status of this tree was very high. It is filled with so many beautiful flowers, remains calm even in the storm, bears fruit, protects from sunlight, and always smells good. It seemed to me that the existence of a tree was deeper than that of a human being. My faith had bowed my head before the qualities of the tree. And I fell in love with nature. Perhaps it would be appropriate for me to say that nature was my first love and is still my first love.