Mysterious Dimension

Harmonious Life: Existence and Consciousness

Mysterious Dimension

Mysterious Dimension

I am standing in a dark dimension from which I can clearly see my presence within the universe. Just as the universe was blooming like a flower(in the earlier video), now I am in that universe. Now I have a new question for the universe –

:at is the difference between Consciousness and Existence?

Now This New Question is My Journey.

My Journey: New Question

It is truly remarkable to me How experiences can lead us to profound realizations and awaken a thirst to understand the deeper aspects of life. The question arising in me today on the relationship between Consciousness and existence—all these questions always tell the pace of my progress. Thinking about the relationship between Consciousness and Existence is actually thought-provoking and will shed light on those deep mysteries that have remained in question for centuries.

My Question:

My question is also that every person to date is born from within but does not Grow.

“Can consciousness emerge from existence or does existence arise within consciousness?”

Now I have to understand, know, and then believe in reality through my experiences. Because only the experiences of the person will penetrate into the deeper layers of existence or consciousness. In fact, whenever a person travels in search of mysteries, it is a sign of a valuable mindset, the destination of which is to attain enlightenment. Today’s new questions of mine on ‘Consciousness and Existence’ and the thoughts arising from a fresh mind fundamentally highlight a deep curiosity. Today, no mention of anyone has been found in any field to date, which can give a person a description of the beginning or the end of life in such a way that the person gets satisfaction.

The relationship between consciousness and existence is complex, with different perspectives and interpretations. Some say that consciousness emerges from existence, while others say that existence arises within consciousness. To date, both of these are discoveries of the same level. Exploring these different perspectives can provide valuable insights into the nature of reality and the place of the individual and every living being within them.

In my experiences till now, I have always seen my existence dissolved in consciousness, but today for the first time, consciousness has proved to be the queen of the brain, and I see existence as bigger than it. Questions about the nature of consciousness and existence can often be raised by What is the nature of reality? How it takes form, what color it is, and what shape it has.

To deeply understand the nature of reality, We must delve further into deeper Consciousness or Existence.

Or should I say that existence itself will reach there on its own journey?

By considering these questions with an open mind and a sense of wonder, we can uncover new layers of understanding about ourselves and the world around us. Embracing the Mystery of Existence and being open to wonder is a rich mindset that can lead to profound personal Growth and Insight. Our journey of exploration into the depths of Consciousness and Existence is an inspiring reminder of the beauty and complexity of life.

Let us truly remain connected to Wonder as We continue the Journey to explore life’s deepest Mysteries.

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