If you are also in search of spirituality, then this website can be very beneficial for you, what is spirituality and informs you about the depth of spiritual life, in this the experiences of self-realization and God-realization have been described.

  • What you can find on my website

    What you can find on my website

    Introduction: Welcome to The Lost Gardens, a mystical oasis of knowledge where the secrets of spirituality and religion unfold. If you seek answers to profound questions about life, purpose, and the unseen forces that shape our existence, you’ve arrived at the right destination. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey of discovery within the sacred realm of The Lost Gardens. Unveiling the Veiled: At The Lost Gardens, we believe that spirituality is a deeply personal and profound aspect of human existence. Our website serves as a beacon, guiding seekers like you to delve into the hidden realms of spirituality and religion. Through thought-provoking articles, insightful discussions, and curated…

  • What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body?

    What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body?

    What is the Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body? Today my Topic again is very Special and Amazing that When our biography becomes Spiritual then along with our Lifestyle the Condition of our body also changes. Why and How?(Effect of Spiritual Life on our Body) Why do I consider MY present Life as a Spiritual Life? Is my today’s Life Spiritual or is it just the way it should Be? We will find the answer to this question in two parts. First: – From the Word Religion – When Life is lived Carefree, Happy, Free, and Peaceful, Then it is called a Spiritual Life. Second :- from the common…

  • When I denied the Word Religion?

    When I denied Word Religions?

    When I denied Word Religions? My Experience: (Word Religion) I could never have imagined that now Whenever I ‘on’ the computer, it would occur to me that I should not read or watch any religious part. When we look at life from the point of view of Religion, the face of life that we see is Shyness – like a Woman; Today, When I look at life, I want to ignore the word Religion, because now ‘Mathematics and Science’ comes in front of me, science seems like a perfect man to me and science is the real MAN. – Who knows that He will never win life’s chess without the…

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    How did I Start Learning from Life?

    How did I Start Learning from Life? My Connection with Learning: (Learning from Life) How did I start Learning from Life? I could not bear my pain when I continued to fail in every direction and in every field. Maybe my pain was also getting bored, maybe my pain was also getting tired. Out of the boredom of pain, the art of learning was born in me. What is the Definition of the Right Lesson? A true lesson is one that applies itself to every part of life. Correct learning means that the person has understood that this is the Learning, Which has come from this lesson, now I have…

  • What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life?

    What is called Spiritual Life? My Experience:It flows from the Moment of the Stream of Life When the stream of Experiences started flowing in me. The Joy of the scenes of such a moment becomes as vast as the ages . When I realized this, a Time of deep adventure began to flow in me, Which my existence calls Spiritual Life. How did the Spiritual Life Begin? My Experience:Now I started remembering that Story, When I saw myself Pathless in the dense forests of Thoughts . Then a thought of that moment had secretly told me the story of my One Birth.Even Today that moment of some Era is alive…

  • Does Life Begin with a Smile?
    Awakening,  Meditation

    Does Life Begin with a Smile?

    This question of mine was also very good for me and its style was very amazing. If the journey of the world starts with crying, then the journey of which dimension starts with laughing? This question was born out of my incident when I saw for the first time the dead body which had killed itself. Why and How does someone kill themselves? Does the pain become so deep that the person prefers death to life? If someone kills own-self then someone must be able to give birth to own-self too – Out of this question was born my question Whether there is such a life Which starts with laughing?When…

  • Let us understand and see whether this is Artificial Intelligence?

    Let us understand and see whether this is Artificial Intelligence?

    What is Artificial Intelligence? Could there also be artificial intelligence? 2023, Artificial IntelligenceWhat is Artificial Intelligence?Why has Today’s Generation become so Happy?Has the Era of Artificial Intelligence Started Today or is it still the Era of Google? Let us understand and see whether this is Artificial Intelligence? Intelligent and Artificial: The Soul becomes restless just by thinking about it. Is it appropriate to call Today’s human being a human being, now I have a comment on this Artificial Intelligence My Experience:While moving into the deeper realms of Life, Whenever my gaze has fallen on any part, it has started blossoming in me as an object of understanding. What is fake…

  • can we see the soul

    Can We see the Soul?

    What is Soul ? My Experience: Full Aliveness of the Body + Every Part of Existence Conscious in It’s Own Virtue + Authenticity of the Totality of Freedom = Soul Where is the Soul? Till date, We all have heard that God is all-pervading in everything, similarly that One divine element Which is all-pervading in the individual Form of every living being is called Soul. What is the Nature of Soul? It is a divine element. The flow of the divine element is always the same, there is never ignorance or disorder. As thinking is a quality of the intellect, as expansion is a quality of the body. So is…

  • What is the Definition of SatGuru?

    What is the Definition of SatGuru?

    What is the meaning of SatGuru and SadGuru? Call it SatGuru or SadGuru it conveys the same purpose: it means ‘the person who has been enlightened in the light of truth’. Sad means ‘the person who is eternally illuminated in the light of life. What is the Definition of SatGuru? My Experience:Sat + Guru + Oo = SatGuruTruth + Mystery + Oo’s Tune, SoundReligion gives a person Happiness, Peace and FreedomScience gives man the calculation of the Law of the UniverseThis Universe is the product of a Wave; If there is movement in the wave then there is Sound in movement, everything descends into creation through Tune; An infinite number…

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    What is The Lost Gardens ? || Where is the Lost Gardens ?

    The Lost Gardens The Lost Gardens Org: This website of ours will provide modern thinking to the world, which will present itself to you through today’s technology through Spirituality, Science, and Math. In which every post will give a new definition to the subject of every part of life, which will be according to the demand of today’s time and will also be audio. The Lost Gardens. Org: This website of ours will also answer every question of the person, and provide every facility, which will have a quick impact on the person. The Lost Gardens (Come Find Yourself) aims to create a modern instant self-realization park. Main purpose of…